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Aldersgrense: 18 år


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Welcome back to another edition of DESIRE!

You are formally invited to the highly anticipated event hosted by DESIRE. It will be held at BYSCENEN.

DESIRE promises to be an unforgettable night filled with high expectations and good vibes a perfect place, the best party club in town. Enjoy the crowd and party hard!

DESIRE is Inviting a very popular international  artist  known as AnelaDJ  from Italy. Antonella Anela, a.k.a ANELA, is an Italian Dj and producer. Born in Belgium and resident in Italy where she currently lives and carries out her profession.
When she first discovered Techno music it was love at first sight., and since her first step in the Italian and International electronic scene she has distinguished herself for her ability to drag and excite the public, thus deciding to transform her passion for electronic music into her work, first as a DJ and then releasing on very good labels like D: vision, IAMT, Autektone, Eclipse Recordings, and many more. Her style full of electro house, tech, and hard contaminations, led her in a short time to considered a rising star of the international techno scene, now ready for the biggest stages.
Anela is her first launching in Norway its gonna be entirely unique and first-time happenings in Trondheim brought to you by DESIRE.

Mr. Coalman began his musical journey in the north of Spain at age 15 in 1998. Inspired by Spanish techno legends like Cristian Varela, he honed his craft using vinyl records and three turntables.
After finding success, mixing in numerous clubs and events, as the digital era arrived, Mr Coalman left the DJ booth behind and moved to Norway where he eventually would become a sailor.

Years passed, seasons turned, but the beats remained ingrained. Mr Coalman is now once more, back behind the decks. This time not only as a DJ but as a techno producer. In his short career as a producer, and influenced by a new generation of producers like Maccari or Marcal, he has already released several tracks and

Middag før konsert?

Alma’s Resturant

Vegg-i-vegg med Byscenen, har vi vår egen bar og kjøkken – Alma’s. Her er det perfekte stedet og starte kvelden med en matbit eller noe godt i glasset før du skal på konsert. Gjør gjerne konsertkvelden til en helaften med middag her – da kan du få tidlig tilgang til garderobe og bli billettert mens du spiser. (NB! Kun for spisende gjester)

Bestill bord og se meny her.


Om en runde shuffle med god mat eller snacks og noe godt i glasset frister, er BOXER stedet! Boxer ligger i etasjen under Alma’s; en særegen bar med øl, rock og shuffleboard i sentrum.

Bestill sittebord & shuffleboard her.

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Kongens gate 19, 7012 Trondheim